ROHO® Dry Floatation® Mattress

The DRY FLOATATION system provides prevention and therapeutic coverage for all pressure injuries including deep tissue injuries. The ability to “float” in the mattress overlay promotes healing and reduces soft tissue deformation.

Roho Dry Floatation Mattress


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Features Include:

  • Designed to help prevent and heal advanced stage ischemic ulcers
  • Compression therapy addresses edema associated with chronic wounds and flaps
  • Provides a system which conforms to the patient’s body without deforming the vascular bed
  • Friction and shear relief surface
  • Zoned into four sections each 51 x 86cm
  • 8.9cm high air cells adjust to the shape and contour of the body
  • Non-powered
  • Lightweight - 3.6kg per section or 14.4kg for a complete system
  • Drainage holes allow fluids to escape away from incontinent clients
  • Durable neoprene is flame resistant and can be easily cleaned or steam autoclaved
  • Repairable.  Extends overall life of mattress
  • Covers available



ROHO1 ROHO Mattress Section
ROHO4 ROHO Complete Unit with Reusable Cover
ROHOF ROHO Compatible Foam Insert
ROHOLP ROHO Compatible Leveling Pad

Product Dimensions:

Code Length
Weight Capacity
ROHO1 510 860 85 Unlimited
ROHO4 1905 860 85 Unlimited

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