Diffuser Cushion

Diffuser Cushion

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Features Include:

  • Diffuser Cushion – Memory Foam (Low to Med Level)
  • Premium density viscoelastic foam
  • Conforms and cushions for near-weightless comfort and support
  • Disperses pressure and spreads the load 
  • Designed to treat and help alleviate an existing condition 
  • Inner core of high density foam provides stability
  • Cushion will not “bottom out” under continual use
  • Dual purpose cover: Super-soft stretch fabric on side and waterproof nylon on the other
  • Available in 3 sizes, Small, Medium and Large


CUSHD-DF Diffuser Cushion, Premium Density, Visco Elastic Foam, Dura-fab/Non-waterproof
CUSHD-SP Diffuser Cushion, Premium Density, Visco Elastic Foam, Steri-plus/Waterproof
CUSHDW Full Waterproof Overcover

Product Dimensions:

Size Width
Small 400 400 75
Medium 440  420 75
Large 490 460 75

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