Lumbar Roll

Lumbar Roll

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Features Include:

  • Designed to support the neck or lower back
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Elastic strap holds roll in desired position
  • 5 shapes
  • Available in traditional foam for substantial support or memory foam for
    softer, more subtle support
  • Round Magnetic Lumbar Roll also available.  Magnetic Therapy may help improve circulation, accelerate healing, reduce muscle stress and tension and relieve pain


LRDT D-shape, Traditional Foam
LRDM D-shape, Memory Foam
LRRT Round, Traditional Foam
LRRM Round, Memory Foam
LROT Oval, Traditional Foam
LROM Oval, Memory Foam
LRET Egg, Traditional Foam
LREM Egg, Memory Foam
LRMR Round, Magnetic

Product Dimensions:

Shape Width
D 310 140 90
Round 300 110 110
Oval 350 170 70
Egg 340 150 130


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