Heelift® Heel Suspension Bootie

Heelift Heel Suspension Bootie Smooth Heelift Heel Suspension Bootie

Features Include:

  • Smooth or Convoluted foam bootie
  • Allows lower limb positioning 
  • Clinically proven to be effective in treating and preventing pressure ulcers.
  • Medical grade latex free foam can be machine washed and dried  (always use a laundry bag and secure Velcro)
  • One size fits all.  Easy adjustment with soft straps and D-ring closures
  • Design ensures the heel is suspended to create a no pressure zone while the calf is well supported to ensure circulation is not compromised
  • Low friction Tricot reduces friction with movement
  • Holes allow for air ventilation.  For heat sensitive users the convoluted foam offers a cooler solution
  • Extra pad with adhesive back for extra support to prevent lower limb rotation, or can be placed on the foot to prevent foot drop or keep the bed sheets from rubbing on the toes.


HLS Smooth
HLC Convoluted

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