Venosan® 4000


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VENOSAN®4000 is manufactured in a refined sandwich construction and is the first compression stocking in the world to be awarded the TACTEL® climate effect label.
SUITABLE FOR:  Varicose Veins, Ulceration, Thrombosis, Sclerotherapy, Pregnancy, Work and Travel

  • Especially designed for the elderly  (easy to apply)
  • Available in:
    • Compression Class I (18-21mmHg)
    • Compression Class II (23-32mmHg)
  • Size: Small, Medium, Large & X-large
  • Below knee: open/closed toe, wide band for comfort
  • Thigh length: wide comfortable band that stays in place
  • Single leg: to waist with belt, open toe only (Cc II only)
  • Pantyhose: closed toe has a generous toe stretch for comfort
  • Maternity Pantyhose closed toe only, adjustable waist band
  • Colours:  Morocco   Mexico   Black

Indications for Use:

Compression Class I: 18 - 21mmHg

  • Travelling (Thrombosis)
  • Tired aching legs
  • Mild oedema or slight varicosity
  • To prevent varicosity during pregnancy

Compression Class II: 23 - 32mmHg

  • Varices with a tendency to oedema
  • Chronic venous insufficiency
  • Post recovery from ulceration of the leg
  • Post sclerotherapy and vein surgery
  • Varices during pregnancy


  • 71% TACTEL® Polyamide
  • 29% Lycra® ElastanE



  • TACTEL® climate effect wicks away moisture, so ensuring excellent comfort in wear.

Extremely Elastic

  • Easy to apply, due to the flat stretch/strain curve of the knitted fabric.
  • Will fit up to 90-95% of the general public.


  • Material and visual elegance ensure optimum comfort in wear.




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