Molift Rgo Toilet Sling

Molift RGO Toilet Sling


Features Include:

  • The Molift Rgo Sling Toilet is available with a low back or a high back.
  • The Rgo Sling Toilet is designed to give the user excellent trunk support and has double belt-buckles for added security.
  • The sling is built with leg supports that are flexible and can be maneuvered to accommodate the user's needs.
  • The belt buckles can also be used to adjust the pressure and weight distribution, allowing for an optimal sitting position whilst being stable and safe


Low Back High Back Size Weight of User (kg)
N/A 1720610 XS 17 - 25
1720520 N/A S 25 - 50
1720530 1720630 M 45 - 95
1720540 1720640 L 90 - 160
N/A 1720650 XL 160 - 240

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