Seal Tight


Features Include:

  • Cast and Bandage Protector
  • Patented Application Ring eliminates need for strapping or Velcro® closure
  • Non-latex Diaphragm stretches easily over cast to form watertight seal
  • Durable Polyvinyl Protector prevents water penetration
  • Reusable for single patient use only
  • Must be at least 2.5cm longer than cast or bandage


BM-20101 Short Arm Protector
BM-20102 Long Arm Protector
BM-20103 Short Leg Protector
BM-20104 Long Leg Protector
BM-20105 Foot/Ankle Protector
BM-20106 Wide Short Leg Protector
BM-20107 Wide Short Arm Protector

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